Functional Fitness by Lori



Whether you're training one-on-one, with a partner or in a group, Lori will design a safe and effective workout to get you the results you are looking for.


I help build functional bodies, not just bodies that look good!

Lori will teach you the basics of yoga and design a workout to help you improve core and overall strength, balance and flexibility. She will also delve into the importance of breath, not only in your practice, but in your every day life.

See What working with lori CAN DO FOR YOUR BODY AND MIND!!!


Experience is everything, and when you work with Lori, your experience is completely unique to your needs. Lori believes in order to be truly "fit", it takes a combination of diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and mental well-being. So all these areas will be addressed.

We are all individuals and have individual needs; this goes for our nutrition as well. Lori will design a meal plan that specifically addresses your unique nutritional needs to help aide in your weight loss or other health goalsl!!